About Us

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be an internationally renowned centre of excellence in the manufacturing of high quality jewellery, supplying genuine top quality stones and exceptional designs. We want to enable people living with disabilities to achieve their dreams, become overcomers of all obstacles and step into the world of independence and self-supporting wage earners and business people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip the PWD’s with skills to enhance value on locally and internationally mined mineral commodities, such as precious and semi-precious stones and metals.

To ensure that the empowerment processes especially in the mining sector, as propagated by the government, does also benefit the most neglected sector of the population, the PWD’s.

To establish GJA in each country especially those countries known to be rich in mineral resources ensuring that this opportunity of Jewellery manufacturing and design skills are passed into as many PWD’s as possible throughout the world.

Our Values

Our values are the upliftment of the living standards of PWDs, restoration and stimulation of self-esteem, dignity and human respect. We shall strive to promote and display professionalism, transparency and adherence to ethical business practices and principles. We shall endeavour to be not only best the jewellery academy for the PWDs but the best academy for jewellery design and manufacturing in the world. We will pursue a non-political, non-partisanship policy and upholding the values and aspirations of the United Nation’s Human Rights Charter. [/one_half]

Our Goals

To be an anchor for jewellery solutions to all start-up companies produced as a result of the GJA programme, offering such services as;

  1. Effective result based short training courses in gemstone cutting and polishing
  2. Jewellery design
  3. Gold Smith and the cutting and setting of other precious and semi-precious stone and metals.

Our Objectives

  1. Ensuring sustainability of the GJA through strategic partnership (identification of partners locally and internationally that would directly or indirectly add value to the GJA aspirations)
  2. Render incubator and monitor services for a period between 1-2 years.
  3. Market the products from start-up companies at the GJA and in international platforms
  4. Engage other stakeholder for a buy-in to the GJA aspirations (Government departments and large Corporates)
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