Our Story

The Global Jewellery Academy (GJA) is one of the vehicles whose purpose is to address the socio-economic status of the people living with disabilities (PWD’s) especially the Youth. The uniqueness of the programme is that we cater for a variety of disabilities such as wheelchair bound, deaf, and youth with learning disabilities. The other group of people living with disabilities such as blindness will also be catered for as employees (receptionist).

The is one of the means to fast -track the socio-economic independency of the PWD’s giving them an opportunity to restore self-respect, pride and making them active participants in the overall economic development of the country. The jewellery skills training is provided by qualified professionals and learners will be are awarded recognized Certificates upon completion of the programme.

We guarantee genuine stones, nothing heated and no synthetic gems thus saving the customer worries on the genuineness of stones and jewellery. The jewellery design and manufacturing is chosen because most of it does not require strenuous physical ability or academic background, and it is a high value, small commodity which has an ever increasing market globally.

The beneficiaries of the project are the disabled individuals internationally through skills development and incubator programme, to ensure sustainability of the business venture to be established for them after training.

The GJA is an initiative of concerned individuals who are directly and indirectly living or exposed to people with disabilities. This initiative has a centre of excellence in South Africa in the design and manufacturing of jewellery by people with disabilities. Our initial start -up can handle a group of 90 learners building up to a maximum capacity of 300. There would be three levels of learnership programmes namely, first years graduating with Level 2 certificates, second years graduating with Level 3 Certificates and advance group who will be pre-incubators honing their skills and including Business management subjects which prepares them to become fully fledged Incubators. Incubators are Entrepreneurs operating their own Business’ with the support of the SEDA “Entrepreneur Development Programme” which provides assistance and training to the young business persons to ensure that their fledgling business’ succeed.

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