What we do

Our business is almost the perfect link between access to opportunities and PWD’s and disadvantaged youths, we aim to excel at bringing together PWD’s, disadvantaged youths, private sector and government institutions in an environment that facilitates learning and skills development, a culture of entrepreneurship and business development.


The mandate of GJA is a huge one that GJA cannot deliver alone, it is on the back of this that invitation is required to private and government sectors institutions to be involved in the delivery of this mandate.

The following key institutions have already agreed to be involved and relationships are ongoing in the delivery of GJA’s mandate:
1. SEDA – (Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency)
2. MQA – (Mining Qualifications Authority)
3. City of Joburg Municipality
4. Jewellery Council of South Africa
5. Atteridgeville Jewellery Project

The below listed partners have agreed to be involved on a once off basis with once off contributions when the need arise:
1. Eskom Foundation
2. Rand Water Board
3. Eco-Break
4. IDT (Industrial Development Trust)
5. MTN
6. Edcorn

Looking at our current situation it is key to invite additional stakeholders over and above the already existing as listed above, it is known that most institutions in South Africa and abroad have a social responsibility and for that responsibility to be delivered there is a need for partnerships with institutions such as GJA for facilitation of the delivery.

The following are some of the key institutions identified as key to the advancement of GJA’s activities and delivery of our mandate; relationships are therefore to be sought with the institutions.

Mining Companies/houses
This sector is the most appropriate as GJA is in the jewellery manufacturing and mineral beneficiation industry, this will allow us access to raw materials we use in our production process.

Social Foundation Houses
Institutions established with the aim of uplifting economic development and social status of PWD’s and disadvantaged youths such as The Motsepe Foundation, this will help GJA as the link between the institutions and their targeted beneficiaries being PWD’s and disadvantaged youths.

Jewellery Chain Stores
This will allow GJA’s incubaitees access to the economy and the customer; this will also serve as a marketing tool.

Support in-kind Donors
Support in kind is key in the industry that GJA operates in, this include donation of materials, equipment and contribution towards marketing and other expenses GJA would otherwise have to pay for themselves.

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